Thursday, November 15, 2007

More about me!

I think the more we know about each other, the more we understand one another and our relationship becomes more intimate. What we observe in one another externally doesn't always reveal what is in our heart. While we as humans "...looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." I Samuel 16:7 This scripture confirms to me, we really don't know each other and perhaps that is why our love for one another is sometimes shallow. I am convinced that love, real love, is neither conditional nor feigned - it is "Christlike love". I desire my relationships with people to be deep and constant, free of mistrust, past hurts and suspicion. Therefore, I will tell you who I am and hope you will let me know who you are!
I was born May 25th, 1945 in Mc Nary, Navajo, Arizona to William Frederick and Louise Webb Mc Neil. I feel as if I remember my birth. I see green-paned windows and snow falling outside. Mother tells me it did snow the day I was born and that I've probably heard people talking about those things...I say, "Perhaps". I believe we remember more than we are aware of.
While I don't remember people that much, I do recall certain incidents. My first childhood recollections are of Vernon. Grandpa Webb and his sons had a sawmill there and each family built a wooden house, except Uncle Ray (the eldest of the boys), who was building a stucco house. Probably to lessen the mud and dirt, each family had a slatted walkway made from what may have been 1x2's set across 2x4's, leading from the edge of their property to their door. I vividly remember carefully stepping from one board to another for fear of falling through. I must have been around 18 months old at the time. Why that memory? I think it is because my parents took a picture of me on one of those walkways and it continually sparked my memory of the fear of falling. By the way, I have a TERRIBLE fear of heights!
I loved my family, as far as I was concerned, I had the best family in all the world! Do you think that is because children, little children, are so close to the Spirit that they only "look upon the heart" and it is also why the Lord counsels us to "...becometh as a child..."? Mosiah 3:19 Take a few moments to read that scripture, isn't it true? Can you imagine how different our world would be if each of us did exactly as it counsels us?
When I learn how to scan pictures, I will send you a picture of that little girl. I love you, until next time. Have a happy day!!


At November 16, 2007 at 11:55 AM , Blogger Dana said...

Thanks for sharing! Fun things we may never know. Our blog spot is TTYL I Love You! Dana

At November 26, 2007 at 9:30 PM , Blogger Erin Ganley said...

I can't wait for you to add pictures. This will be a great way for me to learn more about your childhood. Love you, Erin

At December 5, 2007 at 2:40 PM , Blogger The Broomall Family said...

Well I have definitley learned some new things about my Nana! I'm glad you are on here I can't wait to see pictures! Love you, Ash
oh and our blog is (somehow I made a spelling slip up)

At January 18, 2008 at 4:30 PM , Blogger The Nasty Naughty Nelsons said...

Hi Moma!I was looking at all the times you posted on your blog-woa!!!Nonone should be awake at 3:30am!It was fun to read about you.I love you and think you're a wonderful mom!


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