Thursday, October 25, 2007

About Me

The things you may, or may not know: I was born in McNary on May 25, 1945. I was the second child, first girl, of William Frederick and Louise Webb McNeil. I feel I was a sober child and had a serious outlook on life. I have vague memories of life with my Mother and Father before he died. My earliest memories must have been when I was with my maternal grandmother, Grandma Webb. I recall bathing in a large galvanized tub (she didn't have a bathroom in her house at the time), which was set on the floor of the kitchen. The toilet was a privy outside at the back of the house, I was afraid of falling in, so my Grandpa cut a small hole to the right of the adult-sized hole. I loved playing at the edge of the lake, catching small frogs and building cities for them. I remember having a pair of white marching boots with little holsters on the side and little white, plastic pistols inside. How I loved them!

Horses consumed my thoughts as I grew up. One time we were in Mexico and I saw an old sway backed nag that a man was selling for $15. I thought surely my parents would but the horse for me because the price was so cheap - that didn't happen. At the age of 9 I had a dream that my parents got me a black and white pony. The dream was SO real, that when I woke up, I ran outside to see my pony and was shocked it wasn't there!! At around eleven or twelve I worked for a man named Art, cleaning stalls and walking his horses. He had a small Palamino mare named Lilly, that he was going to give to me if my parents would allow me to have her. I was ecstatic! I talked to my uncle in Webbville to see if he would let me keep her there, as I knew I could not take her to Tucson. He agreed, but my wish was denied and my heart was broken.